About The Puppy StopThe Puppy Stop* is a family owned and operated store who provides puppies for the purpose of family pet ownership.

Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the right puppy to fit your lifestyle – small to large puppies; non-shedding puppies vs. low shedding puppies to non-shedding puppy; high energy puppy to low energy puppy; pure breed puppies or cross breed, mix breed puppies., etc.

Our number one priority is for the overall care and health of the puppies. Weekly veterinarian in-store visits are conducted as well as “as needed” services.

All puppies are sold with veterinarian approval and a health care guarantee. All pups are up to date with vaccinations and wormers.

Come to the Puppy Stop to see the difference.  We’re sticklers for cleanliness for everything. All pups are in pens (no cages) with at least one roommate. A site check is done and all puppies are brought to The Puppy Stop by personal transport.

We are glad to answer questions from the first time pet owner to the experienced dog owners in-store or by phone.

We carry numerous breeds and mixes as well as supplies critical in helping your puppy get off to a good start.

The growth period is a delicate time in a puppy’s life, his or her immune system is still developing. Nutri Source food is one of the best foods a puppy can have and we carry it at The Puppy Stop.

Know Your Source!
Made with real chicken #1 ingredient, highly digestible rice, barley and oatmeal formula. Balanced Omgea 3 & 6 nutrition, no by-proucts, now whole corn. Naturally preserved with mixed Tocopherols (a source of vitamen E) and Sel-Plex® Proteinated Selenium.

*Not affiliated with any other pet store.