Puppy Preparations, Taking your new puppy home!

The Puppy Stop & Adopt Adoption CenterOkay, you’ve done your homework and you want to adopt. You’ve read up and know the puppy you wish to bring home that suits you and your family. You know the size and temperament and even whether a male of female pup would be a better companion for you. It is now time to take your healthy puppy home.

First, The management and staff of The Puppy Stop & Adopt thank you for your adoption and wish you many years of happy pet ownership. We hope that every puppy is blessed with good health and is in a safe and nurturing environment with responsible owners. The puppy was picked by you and will need to be taught how to be a “good” puppy.

The first days at home, the house should be quiet. Discourage friends and .family from coming to visit. Establish a daily routine and follow these steps.

Before bringing the pup in the house, take him or her to the designated potty area in your yard and spend a few minutes there. If he/she goes, praise your pup. Be sure to take him/her to this spot each time he or she potties.

Take him to his room with his crate. This restricted area will serve as his new ,”den” for several days. Put bedding and chew toys in his crate, leave the door open and line the area outside of the crate with newspaper in case of an accident. Let him explore the crate and if he urinates on the bedding, permanently remove it.

Observe and interact with your puppy while he’s getting used to his new den. This will help forge a sense of “pack” and establish you as the pack leader.

A 8 to 12 week old puppy should be treated like you would an infant – with patience, constant supervision and a gentle touch. The way you interact with your puppy at this age is critical to her socialization. A young pup has no bladder control and will urinate immediately after eating, drinking, sleeping or playing. NEVER punish an accident. She won’t understand and may fear and resent you. ALWAYS praise good things she does to reinforce this behavior.